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Chakra Collection

7 x 10 mL crystal roller-ball chakra balancing scents

The Chakra Collection is a perfect blend of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and Australian certified organic fractionated coconut oil, intuitively and lovingly blended with beautiful, high-vibrational crystals to amplify the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. These pure ingredients have been carefully selected to support a balanced energy body, enhance wellbeing and smell delicious! 

  • The 7 perfumes of the Chakra Collection have been intuitively blended by a reiki master healer, to help balance the 7 main chakras and improve the flow of energy through the body. 
  • The therapeutic grade essential oil ingredients have been carefully selected for their energetic benefits, which correlate to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects each chakra governs - so you feel your best in body, mind and soul. 
  • The Chakra Collection perfumes are infused with high-vibrational crystals and reiki energy that amplify the energetic benefits of the essential oils, bring in the colour of the given chakra and look stunning! The roller-ball applicator is 100% crystal and glides on skin.  
  • Perfect for all energy work, yoga, meditation and for creating a calm and balanced energy body. 
  • They can also be used simply as non-toxic perfume as they contain NO toxins, colours, preservatives, solvents, artificial or synthetic ingredients (unlike regular perfume, which contains many nasty ingredients that can have harmful side effects!)



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